The Ashen Legacy Campaign

“Historical accounts of that bygone era have, as one might expect, proven rare and difficult to corroborate. There are numerous eyewitness accounts and stories from that dark time, but the true historian must remain both cautious and skeptical when dealing with these tales. Given the scale of the destruction and the staggering death toll involved, it is a wonder that any person or any thing survived at all. Were it not for the efforts of a handful of bold, brave individuals, there might be no accounts whatsoever – and no historians left to read about them. To these brave souls, this account is dedicated.”

“In the end, we can only attempt to piece together the events of that time. We must use what books, scrolls, and stories that remain to uncover those who were villains and those who were heroes. As much as we may not want to divide history between good and evil, in the chain of events now known as the Ashen Legacy, we have no other choice…”

- “The Chronicles of the Ashen Legacy,” Book I, Chapter I


The Ashen Legacy represents the first campaign set in the World of Stormfell. This is a 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign starting in the Heroic tier with an emphasis on exploration, combat, courtly intrigue, and investigation. The campaign begins in the small frontier Duchy of Anderland. Each character represents a servant to or ally for the current Duke of Anderland.

This campaign wiki is designed to bring you information and news concerning the campaign as it unfolds. In addition, this wiki provides information on important NPCs, locales, historical events, and other elements important to the campaign. Please keep in mind that this wiki is a “work in progress,” and make certain to check for updates regularly. As the campaign evolves and progresses, new information will appear, and rumors will be either confirmed or denied.

To get started, you can navigate through the tabs shown above. These include:

Adventure Log: Here is where accounts of adventures and campaign events are posted. If you have any written logs, journals, or other accounts you’d like to have included, please contact the DM.

As can be expected, as the campaign grows and develops, new pages will appear to encompass the changes. Keep up-to-date with the wiki and watch out for new additions.

Characters: Here is a brief description of the major Player Characters involved in the campaign. As characters die, retire, vanish into smoke, or enter the campaign, their information will appear in here.

Maps: Here is where you can find maps relevant to the campaign, including an overall campaign map and occasional maps of adventure locales.

Comments: Have something to say about the wiki? Have an idea you want to share, or a concern? Have you noticed a problem or an error? Here is where you can provide feedback and offer your comments.

In addition, here are some important links to get you started:

Overview: A brief overview of the campaign, including its location, its major themes, important current events, and the like. As the campaign progresses into the Paragon and eventually the Epic tiers, the overview will change as well.

Dramatis Personae: This page (and the pages linked to it) provides brief biographical information for NPCs and allies involved in the campaign, starting with the family of the Duke. As the campaign evolves, the listing will grow and change regularly, especially as the characters meet new people and develop relationships. You can also check out a list of Ducal Advisers, as well as important individuals around the Duke’s palace, individuals of note around the Duchy, and some noteworthy people outside of Anderland.

Important Locations: Here is a listing of important locations, buildings, settlements, and adventure sites for the campaign. At the start of the campaign, this page will provide important information for places with which the characters are most familiar. This page will also offer hints, rumors, and legends concerning a number of locations. With each passing adventure, the page will provide new information, new sites, and reveal unearthed folktales about other locations. As with all things in life, you can’t always believe every report or legend!

Organizations: Although a number of powers and principalities threaten the Duchy of Anderland, the realm is not without allies and support. This page provides information regarding organizations in and around Anderland that are typically allies.

Monsters and Villains: What campaign is complete without monsters and villains? On this page you will find news, information, rumors, and stories about known and suspected villains, beasts, brigands, and other fell creatures. Keep in mind that not every story you hear is true…

Threats: Not all dangers to the realm come in the form of bandits or monsters. Other dangers face the duchy and threaten its citizens. Some of these represent sinister cults, others are powerful organizations and even nations with their own territorial ambitions.

History: This page provides a brief overview of the region’s history. This description is by no means exhaustive, but offers just enough information to frame current events and give you a glimpse into the past. As the name of the campaign suggests (“The Ashen Legacy”), history is important and will play a major role in ongoing events. As George Santayana commented, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Legends: Sometimes it can be difficult to separate history from myth, and often the two intersect at the most surprising places. On this page you will find a few of the more prevalent or well known legends in the region—legends of which you likely have heard. For information concerning the major known primal spirits of the reason, check out the Primal Spirits page.

As the characters overcome challenges, defeat their enemies, and save the realm, new information and additional entries will appear as part of this wiki. Use the wiki to keep up-to-date on campaign events, and to help jog your memory as needed.

Rumors: This page features bits of news, pieces of stories floating around, the latest gossip, and so forth. If you go looking for accurate news or the truth, you will likely come away disappointed. Despite this, one cannot simply discount all rumors. The content of this page will change frequently; some rumors vanish or become old news and fall out of favor, while new bits of gossip pop up all the time.

Important Discoveries: As the campaign progresses, the characters will discover important magic items and relics. They will uncover long forgotten ruins. They will learn stories from history and they will expand their knowledge of the world. This page serves as a central storehouse for these items.

Avoiding the Headsman’s Axe: There are a few role-playing concepts in the Ashen Legacy campaign that are unusual compared to most fantasy campaigns. This page provides a brief overview of the kinds of etiquette your character knows and, if he/she wants to survive in the world, adheres to…

House Rules: For the most part, we will use the 4th edition D&D rules as written (“RAW”). There are, however, a few additions and house rules we will use.

New Rules: This page describes a few recent modifications to the official D&D rules. You should take a moment to familiarize yourself with these, since the items listed on this page are very likely to come up in-game.

The Ashen Legacy Campaign

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