Palace Staff

Adam Ogilvy (male human, age 73): The chief scribe, librarian, and archivist for the d’Anderville family. He maintains the Duke’s library, as well as the various documents and notes related to the business of the realm. Mr. Ogilvy has been a librarian to the d’Anderville family for more than forty-six years, serving the current duke, his father, and his father before him in that same capacity (although he only became Head Librarian and Chief Historian towards the end of the previous duke’s reign).

Barthlome Cadwallis (male human, age 16): Young Barthlome is one of two apprentices currently under the tutelage of Kyman Andoverge, the court wizard. Barthlome is the middle son of Baron Vladimir Cadwallis. He has been a wizard’s apprentice for the past three years. For the most part, he is an intelligent student and a gifted learner, but he lacks discipline and focus. In addition, his noble upbringing have left him with some unsavory attitudes and beliefs. He has an ongoing rivalry (although this rivalry often appears rather one-sided) against Glyph, the other individual apprenticed to Kyman. Barthlome, although a capable wizard’s apprentice, often complains about his studies and his menial duties. Because Barthlome demonstrated an unexpected inborn magical talent at a young age, his father had little choice but to place the lad into Kyman’s hands for training. Absent a proper arcane education, the dark temptations of Blight magic could lead Barthlome down a dangerous and destructive path.

Darden Petitbone (male human, age 68): The Seneschal for the ducal household, Darden is the man who keeps the palace running smoothly and efficiently. He has a talent for knowing names and critical details about every individual visiting the palace. His skills enable the Duke to focus on important matters and not worry about the details.

Gronal Ironhand (male dwarf, age 108) The dwarven master of the forge for the palace. He oversees the forges and metalsmiths in service to the crown. His crack team of blacksmiths and armorers keep the palace guard (and especially the Sentinels) well equipped. His entire family, including his wife, Galda, work for the duke. Gronal arrived in Anderland a little more than two decades ago, just in time for the Night Dragon’s attack. He lost his wife, his son, his blacksmithy, and his home in that one night. Also during that attack, Gronal lost his left hand to injury while rescuing a young apprentice warden by the name of Trista. To compensate for his limb loss, he fashioned an artificial hand of iron and has since learned to cope with his handicap. Gronal occasionally speaks of his clan that lives to the east in the settlement of Hammerfast. By the way he tells it, he suffered some sort of falling out with the Clan Lord and thus emigrated here to the town of Andersgate. After Caldric became Duke, Gronal gained employment as one of the palace smiths. His skill and talent soon gained him the position of Chief Blacksmith (this occurred a little more than a decade ago). Shortly thereafter, he convinced the goliath former gladiator, Cu, to live with him and his family in exchange for labor and assistance at the forge.

Klag (male human, age unknown – approximately 21): In the aftermath of the Night Dragon’s brutal attack against Andersgate, the local authorities and the duke were overwhelmed by calls for aid. Thousands of civilians came begging for information about missing loved ones, or seeking money to rebuild their homes, or a handout of food to soothe hunger pangs. Three nights after the attack, a young girl was found murdered just outside the palace gate. The guards found a large infant, swaddled in blankets, still clutched to her chest. No one ever determined who the girl was, and no murderer was ever found. The infant was deformed, but remarkably healthy. The ducal staff adopted the lad and gave him a place to live. Although sound of body (despite his misshapen leg and broad facial features), the lad never learned to speak more than a handful of words. He gained the crude name of “Klag” only because he repeated the word over and over; eventually it became his name. Through the past two decades, Klag has proven himself a hard and industrious worker. He is as strong as any two men, and able to work tirelessly through the day. He chops and hauls firewood, hauls water to the kitchens, and performs many other menial chores. Although Klag tends to scare visitors and guests (without meaning to, of course), he has become a mascot to the kitchen and palace servant staff. Unfortunately for him, his naive innocence and his limited intelligence often leave him the target for palace bullies. Fortunately, Klag doesn’t seem to understand when he is being tormented, and he is too strong to easily be hurt by a lone bully.

Lucas (“Large Lucas”) (male human, age 39): The palace head cook and master of the kitchens. He is renowned for his cooking skills, which have elevated the Duke’s table to a highlight for all important guests and visitors. Lucas may not be truly important or powerful, but within the domain of his kitchen, he is captain and priest, king and god. Pity anyone who brings harm to his precious kitchen! The potboys, scullery maids, and other kitchen servants have to demonstrate remarkable talent to sneak food out from under Lucas’s nose.

Lucef Crowe (male human, age 16): The young son of Tobias and Marta Crowe, Lucef is widely considered one of the most eligible bachelors in the realm. Because of his family name, he is one of the wealthiest individuals alive. He has enjoyed the best education money could buy, and he is handsome as well. As much as his father wants him to take over the family business someday, such an event seems remote from Lucef’s dreams and aspirations. Indeed, after much arguing and debate, Lucef became apprenticed to the ducal court wizard, Kyman Andoverge. For the past three years, Lucef has demonstrated remarkable facility with magic, and an unquenchable curiosity. Despite his father’s reluctance for the profession, Lucef seems on the verge of becoming a capable journeyman and, someday, a master in his own right. Although it is uncertain if Tobias will allow a son who is a wizard to take over the family business, it is widely believed he’d rather do that than turn it over to his daughter, who currently works for the Council of Druids. Lucef Crowe is a popular individual, despite his chosen profession. At the same time, there are whispers throughout the castle that it can be dangerous to become beholden to Lucef Crowe (or any of the Crowes, for that matter).

Lady Maurna Bloom (female human, age 41): This rather large woman is the governess to the duke’s daughter and step-daughter. She has been instrumental in teaching (or at least attempting to teach the duke’s daughter the arts of court etiquette. The Lady Bloom is a very prim and proper woman, but she is positively a mother bear when it comes to protecting “her children.” She is somewhat of a terror to the palace staff, if only because she is exacting in her expectations. She feels a measure of disappointment that the Princess d’Anderville has not turned out more “lady-like.”

Malak Crook-Nose (male human, age 34): The palace rat-catcher and vermin-hunter. People generally avoid Malak (as well as his small but vicious dog) due to his unsavory role in the palace. He is a nervous, twitchy man given to talking to himself (or his dog, no one is quite sure). For all his peculiar habits and eccentricities, Malak is good at his job. He also knows a great deal about the underlevels of the palace and castle, including places that no other person has visited for more than a century. Malak loves his job and demonstrates remarkable talent for finding vermin, but he is not otherwise terribly bright. He is mostly concerned with hunting down and eradicating vermin.

Renate Chernyenko (female human, age 21): The lady-in-waiting and personal assistant to the Royal Consort, Lady Anyalka Ivanov. She accompanied her mistress on the trip from Maldar, and has been at her Lady’s side ever since. She cuts a striking figure at court, with her waist-length raven-black hair and her piercing green eyes. Although virtually every male at court has shown an interest in her, she has shown no interest in any of them. Her dedication to her mistress borders on the extreme – she has demonstrated a low tolerance for anyone speaking ill of the Lady. Perhaps more troubling, she apparently possesses impressive strength despite her lithe figure. A few royal courtiers whisper that Renate received training with the Maldaran Intelligence Service, including methods for assassination. Despite these dark rumors, Renate has not done anything that could be noted as truly suspicious or subversive.

Saudon Longshanks (male elf, age 67): Saudon is the Master of Horse and keeper of the ducal stables. He purchases mounts for the use of the Duke, the Duke’s family, and the palace staff. He makes sure the stables are well maintained, clean, and running efficiently. Saudon is typically disliked whenever someone first meets him; he is brusque, standoffish, and seems little interested in what anyone else has to say (except the Duke, of course). When the subject matter turns to horses, however, his attention comes into full force. He is an excellent judge of horseflesh, and the best trainer in the land. He is proud of his stables, and with good cause.

Sgt. Willem Brock (male human, age 35): A long-standing member of the Duke’s personal guard and a loyal soldier of the Duchy. Sgt. Brock has served in uniform for the past twenty years, joining the day before the Night Dragon’s fateful attack. He has no desire to rise higher in the ranks, and remains relatively content with his position in life. He is a good-nature veteran with a no-nonsense attitude, good insight, and the ability to quickly size up a dangerous situation. He often accompanies important individuals coming and going from the palace, and he is often placed in charge of security during important state visits. Brock gets along well with the other soldiers, but he also maintains good relations with most of the palace staff. He is a reliable and competent soldier and a regular fixture around the palace. Interestingly, “William Brock” is not his original given name; born in the distant southlands, he came to the region as a slave at the age of 5. He spent the next few years of his life as a menial servant. After that, he fought briefly in the gladiatorial arenas. At the age of 14, he killed his master and escaped north to Anderland. He demonstrated remarkable bravery and daring in the midst of the Night Dragon attack, and thus earned a position with the ducal guard. He quickly climbed to the position of sergeant, and he remains content in that role.

Timeon Kalderak (male half-elf, age 38): The current Court Physician for the ducal family. Timeon’s predecessor and mentor, Lynnea, passed away two years ago. Unfortunately, Timeon does not possess his mistress’s skills at healing (or her famous bedside manner), although he does have some talent. He is a somewhat shy and timid person, and he is all too aware of his shortcomings relative to those of his master. Timeon has proven capable enough for most injuries and illnesses; when something truly serious threatens a member of the household, however, Prester Edmund Crane is brought in to use divine healing magic. Not surprisingly, this only further contributes to Timeon’s feelings of inadequacy. It seems that Timeon has a growing crush on the Duke’s daughter.

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