“The Ashen Legacy” is a campaign for the 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons game. It takes place in the World of Stormfell fantasy setting. The campaign begins in the Heroic tier, and will progress through the Paragon tier and beyond into that of Epic.

The campaign begins in the small realm known as the Duchy of Anderland. A frontier domain, Anderland is situated about as far north as one can travel before reaching the Frostwind Sea and beyond. Although the duchy stands at peace, it exists in a fragile balance. Enemies and dangers surround the realm, and the people of Anderland face a constant struggle for survival.

The player characters are part of the Duke’s court in one capacity or another. The characters serve the ducal family, striving to keep Anderland free and peaceful. In their duties, the characters will travel to settlements and outposts throughout the duchy. The characters will interact with citizens, while at the same time working to uphold the Duke’s good law.

At the same time, the characters will be asked to deal with capricious brigands, marauding humanoids, predatory monsters, and other threats. The dangers to Anderland do not all originate from outside her borders; many domestic enemies threaten the realm and pose grave risk to peace and prosperity.

The campaign will feature a wide variety of adventure opportunities, with the locales and opponents dependent on the party’s experience level and the campaign’s present adventuring tier.

In the Heroic tier, the characters will work closely with the Duke of Anderland to maintain the peace and protect the realm from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Characters will confront all manner of enemies, both in court and on the battlefield. Adventures will include elements of exploration, courtly intrigue, discovery, combat, and some political scheming.

Character Motivations

Individually, each character will have his or her motivations, goals, and ambitions. These should develop from each character’s background and personality and evolve as the campaign progresses. it is important for each player to establish his/her character’s underlying motivations and dreams.

One central motivation serves as the foundation for the entire party, and it is a motivation that all characters should share. Put simply, the Duchy of Anderland is home. Whether you are a native Anderlander or a resident foreigner, Anderland has become your true home. To some degree, you hold a vested interested in seeing the duchy grow and prosper. Whether you are an expatriate from another land, last survivor or your clan, refugee, or simple local farmer, Anderland represents a place worth protecting.

Every man and woman will serve and protect Anderland in his/her own way. You may defend it with sword and shield, with arcane magic, or with prayer and faith. You do so not just to protect your home, but to defend a realm that has become last refuge for many others. If Anderland falls, it will die an ugly, brutal death. You cannot permit that to happen.

Motivations to Avoid

Role-playing is a cooperative experience, a social game in all ways. To that end, it is essential that each player create a character that can work and play well with other characters. If you are eager to play the “lone wolf” character, or if you envision your character as someone that no one will like or get along with, then you will need a different motivation or a different character. If your character’s motivation is not somehow linked to the prosperity and survival of the Duchy of Anderland, you are missing the point…


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