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Welcome to the World of Stormfell!

This page serves as a portal to other locations in the Wiki, granting you access to the people, places, and events of the setting.

If you are looking for information specific to the campaign, consult the Ashen Legacy page.


To get started, read through the Introduction page. This provides a brief overview of the World of Stormfell, and describes a few of the more important features of the setting.

Adventuring in Stormfell

Adventuring is, of course, the reason you’re here. Before embarking on your bold, dangerous career as an adventurer, you should read through an overview of Adventuring in Stormfell.

You may also wish to brush up on your adventurer’s cant while you’re at it.

Character Races

Stormfell is home to dozens of sentient races, each competing for resources and each struggling to survive in a hostile world. This world features the races of D&D, both the classic and the new. To learn some background and history about your character’s race, brows the Character Races pages.

Character Classes

There are many paths for the adventurer to explore, but one of the most important is that of his/her profession. What path will your adventurer take? Will she pick up a sword and shield as a fighter, peruse musty tomes of arcane knowledge as a wizard, or heal the injured and protect the weak as a cleric? The choices are many, and it is one of the most important decisions you will make. Explore the possibilities of which character class proves most intriguing.

Gods, Demigods & Primordials

From the birth of creation to present day, the gods and primordials have all played numerous and vital roles in the world and the multiverse. You can investigate individual deities, or you can check out the overview that lists all the major deities.

The History of Stormfell

From the forgotten past of the Dawn War to the present day, read through a history of Stormfell. You can also browse through an abbreviated timeline of each age.

Nations of Stormfell

The glory days of vast empires and powerful kingdoms have come to an end. The borders on the map are mere bitter memories of the past and hopeful dreams of the future. In the present day, the remnants of civilization lie scattered across the world, surrounded and isolated by the growing wilderness. Each city, town, and outpost represents a fading point of light in this late age.

Look through the list of surviving realms and learn the state of the world today.

Main Page

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