Known Names: Lightbringer, Lord Lightbringer, Emperor Lightbringer, Lucifer

Known Affiliations: Immortal; chief servant of Aeddon the Living God; Emperor of Nerath; founder of the Lightbringers

Lucifer is more commonly known as Lord Lightbringer, or more simply, “Lightbringer.” He was an Immortal in the service of __. During the early ages of history, Lucifer had relatively little impact on mortal cultures, and he chose not to become a leader of mortals as so many of his kindred did.

Until the appearance of Aeddon the Living God, history holds relatively little in regards to Lucifer’s deeds or words. During the era of the Nine Kingdoms, Lucifer and his companions encountered a powerful divine entity named Aeddon.

Upon returning to Nerath, Aeddon declared his divinity and his intention to rule over the Nine Kingdoms. One of his first acts was to name Lucifer as his right-hand adviser.


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