Historical Timelines

The historical timelines are divided into the different Ages of history: Chains, Immortals, Dreams, Legends, Heroes, and Nightmares. These timelines do not provide any information for events prior to the Age of Chains, as there are no historical documents from that time, and indeed no historians, either. Any event prior to the Age of Chains occurred 16,000 years ago or more.

Furthermore, given the lack of physical documents or any sort of logical calendar system originating from the Age of Chains, the dates described below for that era represent approximations at best. These dates are estimates based on limited available data and the research of numerous historians. The specific details of these events are, for the most part, lost to us. The information provided in these timelines represents the best possible consensus of scholars and historians.

These timelines use dates based on the Nerathan Standard Year (otherwise abbreviated as “NSY” or simply “SY”) calendar system. This dating system started with Year 1 as the official founding of the Nerathan Empire (the holiday known as “Founding Day”). Although history has seen a wide number of calendar systems come and go, the Nerathan system remains commonly used to this day. Dates denoted in the negative are thus prior to the founding of the Nerathan Empire.

The timelines for the later ages (especially the Age of Legends and the Age of Heroes) focus primarily on the region involving the Empire of Nerath and the Realm of Shaddoth. Obviously, a number of important historical events occurred elsewhere in Stormfell during these times, but the conflicts between Nerath and Shaddoth would have, by far, the greatest impact on the world. The presence of Aeddon the Living God, as well as the primordial, Raal Saraat, led to a series of clashes and conflicts that continue to affect the world today.

Age of Chains

Age of Immortals

Age of Dreams

Age of Legends

Age of Heroes

Age of Nightmares

Historical Timelines

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