Ducal Advisers

Borland Riordan (male human, age 56): Master at Arms for the ducal household and the man in charge of the Duke’s private guard, known as the Sentinels. He is responsible for the defense of the palace in event of attack or similar threat. Borland served on the Duke’s father’s staff, and was an important participant in the fight against the Night Dragon. Borland trained the current duke in swordsmanship, as well as both of the Duke’s two sons (the natural born son, William, and the step-son). Borland is a salty, grizzled veteran of many battles, and his experiences are impressive (although he dislikes talking about them).

Dagna Dane (female dwarf, age 88): On one of his forced trips to the Empire of Maldar, Duke Caldric was given the option of passing sentence on a dwarf prisoner. This prisoner, Dagna Dane, had been caught attempting to steal from the imperial vaults. Rather than execute her outright, the Mad Emperor let Duke Caldric decide her fate. At the risk of angering the Emperor (which he did), the Duke granted amnesty to Dagna. Enraged but unable to immediately retaliate, the Emperor forced Duke Caldric to take the dwarf home to Anderland. Ever since that event, Dagna Dane has remained a close, loyal, and faithful servant of the ducal family. She has proven her worth ten times over. She not only is an expert locksmith, but she is well versed at building and disarming traps. Spurned by her own people for her thieving, Dagna has long considered Anderland her home. On occasion, Duke Caldric sends her to other places to undertake missions for him. She is seldom seen much in court, and she has a notorious reputation for bad temper and excess love of strong drink. It is said there is no lock she cannot pick, no treasure she could not reach should she so choose.

Baron Damian Calixis (male human, age 44): A haughty, powerful, and wealthy nobleman of the realm and distant cousin to Duke Caldric. Lord Calixis remains under a cloud of disrepute as he spent his youth as a wandering sellsword (which is how he acquired his vast fortune and many of his peculiar friends). Although aged, he remains in surprisingly vibrant health and serves as a role model for knightly virtues. He does not get along with Kyman (the court wizard, see below) or Prester Crane (see below); Lord Calixis apparently holds some deep enmity towards these two men. Lord Calixis is ambitious, but he has proven his loyalty to the duke on numerous occasions. He remains a staunch opponent of the Empire of Maldar (and as such gets along poorly with the Lady Ivanov). Lord Calixis is the current Knight Marshall of the Knights of Stormhaven.

Lord Gabriel Chugarin (male tiefling, age 36): The political liaison between the Empire of Maldar and the court of Duke Caldric d’Anderville. Lord Chugarin received his appointment six years ago after the sudden (and still unexplained) death of his predecessor. It is widely believed the Emperor of Maldar sent a tiefling as a direct insult to Duke Caldric. Because of the duchy’s status as a vassal state, the duke and his court must grudgingly accept Lord Chugarin’s presence. He serves to “advise” the duke on issues of state pertaining to the empire. He is a smooth, charming, and gracious creature with the ability to put people at ease in his presence. Not surprisingly, no one trusts him and it is widely assumed he is more of a spy than the Lady Ivanov. Lord Chugarin, of course, strongly protests such accusations. He is frequently heard to state, “I am nothing more than a simple diplomat!”

Prester Edmund Crane (male human, age 79): An elderly and stern cleric of the faith of Bahamut, and high priest of the Church of Bahamut in the palace. Beneath his stern exterior, Edmund is a man of conviction, faith, hope, and courage. He holds to his principles and expects others do likewise. He has been the chief spiritual adviser to the Duke’s family for much of his life, serving the past two dukes prior to the current one. He teaches the servant boys and girls of the palace how to read, write, and conduct themselves appropriately. He also teaches a number of young acolytes in the ways of Bahamut. Prester Crane and Kyman Andoverge (see below) are old friends, although they bicker constantly and rarely agree on anything if they can help it. Prester Crane holds a great deal of scorn for Lord Calixis (see above).

Kyman Andoverge (male human, indeterminate age—venerable): The elderly court wizard to the Duke’s staff. Kyman has been a fixture at the palace for over sixty years, having served the current duke, his father, and his father before him in various capacities. He is beloved amongst the community (although viewed as eccentric and absent-minded), as he has always done his best to provide assistance to the common folk He is a master of alchemy and herbs as well as the arcane arts. As the court’s arcane adviser, Kyman maintains a tower filled with alchemical equipment, experiments, and a vast library (vast by local standards, at least). He currently is training three apprentices, one of whom he hopes to have take his place so he may retire. He holds no real interest in politics, but nonetheless advises the duke on many worldly matters from time to time. He and the head priest of Bahamut, Prester Edmund Crane (see above), are old friends, although they bicker constantly.

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