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The following page provides a brief biosketch of the members of the Ducal family. As the campaign develops, information here will expand and, from time to time, change to account for new facts and suspicions.

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The Ducal Family

The following individuals belong to the family of Duke Caldric d’Anderville. They are connected to him either by blood, or serve in a similar capacity (such as the Royal Consort and her two children).

Duke Caldric d’Anderville (male human, age 43): The current Duke of Anderland, formerly known as the “Hero of Andersgate.” The duke is the latest in a long and distinguished line of rulers. He gained fame and a daring reputation during the attack of the Night Dragon on the capital city a little more than 20 years ago. He and his brave companions killed the Night Dragon and thereby saved the duchy. The duke is a charismatic and capable leader. Unfortunately, since the passing of his wife ten years ago, he has developed a tendency to brood and has become subject to dark, somber moods. It is likely the weight of his realm’s problems weighs heavily on his shoulders. If the duke makes a mistake, The Empire of Maldar will conquer and absorb the duchy once and for all. With so much riding on his future decisions, Duke Caldric has placed considerable responsibility and weight on the shoulders of his eldest child, his son William.

Marquess William d’Anderville (male human, age 22): The eldest son and heir apparent of the Duchy of Anderland. William is beloved by the people for his dashing good looks, his impressive athletic abilities, and his ability to get along with almost anyone. He is handsome, witty, charming, and yet responsible. For all his good points, however, he has demonstrated a growing reluctance to make tough decisions. (It is difficult to remain popular when one must make such hard decisions.) Where the ladies of court are concerned, William is one of the most popular and available young men. He is betrothed to Lady Lyonessa, a princess of the Theocracy of Paladanthis as part of a political arrangement. The Lady Lyonessa was scheduled to have arrived in Anderland already, but the onset of a serious illness has so far delayed her trip. To date, William has never met his future wife.

Lord Varin d’Anderville (male human, age 75): The duke’s chief adviser and oldest friend, as well as the duke’s uncle (on his father’s side). Varin has an avuncular manner, but he has consistently demonstrated a keen understanding of political strategy. He helped curb his nephew’s more strident impulses for the good of the Duchy when the “Hero of Andersgate” first ascended the throne. At the age of 75, Varin wants to retire to his estates and allow his sons to carry on his family name. There remains great affection between him and his nephew.

Lady Anyalka Ivanov (female human, age 30): The duke’s current mistress and Royal Consort. She came to court 15 years ago courtesy of the Emperor of Maldar (in hopes of forming a blood connection with his vassal state). A member of the Maldaran royalty, the Lady Ivanov expected to be made Duchess several years ago, but to date the Duke Caldric has not taken such a step (and this omission is widely seen as a thinly veiled insult to the Emperor). The Lady Ivanov is infamous throughout the court for her bad temper. Because of her temper and her Maldaran ancestry, she is disliked by most of the Anderlanders. Amongst the servants, Lady Ivanov has acquired the nickname of “The Royal Harpy.” Indeed, every household servant has suffered a berating (and occasional beating) from her at one time or another. The Lady Ivanov gets along poorly with the duke’s eldest son and daughter, as she has strong aspirations to see her son with the duke inherit the throne. She and the duke have a son (the youngest child of the duke’s family), Leonas d’Anderville, whom she adores. She has a daughter, Selena, but the child is not the duke’s. Several dark rumors suggest that Selena’s father is actually the Mad Emperor himself.

Lady Helen d’Suloa (female human, age 77): The Lady Helen is the mother of the late Lady Amberline, and thus grandmother to the young princess Amalline d’Anderville. After the death of her daughter 18 years ago, she moved out of the palace and returned to her family estate on the outskirts of Andersgate. She comes and visits her granddaughter and grandson from time to time, but she has little patience for speaking with Duke Caldric. She blames Caldric for the death of her daughter; she believes he pushed her to have children too soon after an ailment. The Lady Helen is a grand matron of high noble upbringing. Although she has blood ties to nobility in Maldar, she is an Anderlander patriot with no love of the Maldarans. She is a stern, cold, and hard woman given to duty, responsibility, and logic. She has no time for emotions, compassion, or other aspects of a “feminine nature.” She is one of the few people that actually unnerves the Lady Ivanov (both the mother and the daughter). Lady Helen is strict, no-nonsense, and a woman of true iron. She possesses a sharp tongue and a temper, but she prefers to use her intellect to get her way rather than indulge in flashes of anger.

Lord Leonas d’Anderville (male human, age 14): The youngest child of the duke and son to the duke and the Lady Ivanov. He is a somewhat petulant young man, but he demonstrates a quick wit and pleasant charm that helps him get out of many bad situations. He has a love of pranks, and he enjoys humiliating those around him and bullying the court staff. Leonas is extremely intelligent and is able to think quickly on his feet, and he grasps the realities of politics quite well. He has often spoken of his ambition to gain the throne of the Duchy; such a goal will not be met, however, as long as his older stepbrother remains alive to inherit.

Lady Selena Ivanov (female human, age 16): The daughter of Lady Ivanov. Few people possess the ravishing beauty and seductive allure of Selena Ivanov. She is one of the most adept individuals in influencing the men of the court and bending them to her will. Although her mother may never become Duchess, Selena firmly believes that she will become betrothed to Marquess William and thereby become Duchess herself. At present, she has practically dominated William, but she has yet to convince the Duke of the wisdom of such a marriage. She is dangerous, conniving, cunning, and more intelligent than most of the men in the Duke’s court. She has limited knowledge of arcane magic, having proven herself an adept study under the tutelage of the court wizard, Kyman Andoverge.

Lady Amberline d’Anderville (female human, deceased): Now deceased, the Lady Amberline was the wife of Duke Caldric. She died giving birth to the duke’s daughter, despite the best ministrations of the palace healer. She died at the age of 24. The duke did not deal with his new wife’s passing, and it took him several years to write to the Emperor of Maldar and request permission to marry again. By all reports, the Lady Amberline was the very soul of beauty and grace. At the time of her betrothal, she gave up a calling as a priestess of Avandra (much to her family’s relief) to marry Duke Caldric.

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