Steffen Lackey (Halo)

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Steffen comes from peasant stock, the 2nd son of intentured servants. He bought his way out of servitude taking advantage of a new Anderland program, that allowed him to enlist to pay out his debt. He caught the attention of Colonel DeHoffrey Vega, an old associate of Lord Varin d’Anderville. Col. Vega saw his potential, and groomed Steffen as his attache’. When Steffen mustered out, the Col. used his connections to get Lackey a position in the royal court. Steffen quickly worked his way up, and has become a manservent to Princess Amalline. As her manservant, Steffen carries a ceremonial (yet fully functional) swordcane to help protect the Princess in times of need.

Steffen is 22 yrs old, has platinum blond hair (impeccibly neat) and is clean shaven. His eyes are hazel, lively and are full of warmth. He stands 5’7”, and is slim, yet well toned. He moves very gracefully, there is a hint of dance in his every movement.

He has twin “dueling scars” on his left cheek. Castle scuttlebutt attributes these to his first meeting with Lady Ivanov, and the infamous chamberpot incident. (Steffen walked in during a spectacular tirade about an improperly cleaned Thundermug – the end result amounted to broken crockery and the loss of bodily fluids) Steffen was stitched up, the pot was replaced and business resumed as usual.

Steffen is known as the kindest person in the castle. He never has anything rude or improper to say about anyone, and is one of the few people that doesn’t refer to Lady Ivanov as “the Royal Harpy”. (Some people had thought, mistakenly, that he was currying for her favor, but soon came to understand that he treated everyone with the same respect. Moreover, they have come to appreciate his policy of dealing with her on her more difficult days. “Package for the mistress? – I’m heading that way – wouldn’t be any trouble (code for “flee while you have the chance”)”. He is known as the castle’s angel, and has earned the nickname “Halo”. He has a connection with a Chocolatier in the capital, and leaves them on a nightstand on days when “MiLady” is most distraught. This has never been mentioned between the two. She has noticed that a small corner has been removed from each chocolate. On one particularly troubled day there were no chocolates, and Steffen was out suddenly and seriously ill. Again, nothing was said, but the Duchess realized that Steffen had been testing the sweets for tampering.

Darden Petitbone considers him a rare gem, and is grooming him as an eventual successor. His main concern about Steffen revolves around his good looks, and the young Lady Ivanov. While Steffen has always been extremely well aware of his place in society, and has acted with utmost professionalism, he has attracted the eye of Lady Selena. While she has no intentions currently of pursuing Steffen (as he has no political importance), she is bothered by his lack of reaction towards her. She has started a minor campaign to break through his shell without alerting the rest of the palace to her game. So far she has managed to get but one small yet infinitely satisfying blush – she wants to see that blush again.

Marquess William d’Andeville likes Steffen in a “That Halo, he’s a good old chap” sort of way. Steffen has made a point of keeping William’s favorite import in stock, and has saved William’s life once or twice with his world class hangover cure.

All in all, Steffen takes his position very seriously, he will go to great lengths to be helpful (though he will not put up with people abusing this tendency) and his word can be trusted. He knows how to keep a secret.

Steffen Lackey (Halo)

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