TitleWelcome to the World of Stormfell, a fantasy setting for 4th edition D&D campaigns.

This is the home web page for the World of Stormfell. In this Wiki you will find descriptions of deities, kingdoms, heroes, villains, and major events that helped to shape this world.

This wiki, much like the world itself, is in the process of evolving and growing. If you go exploring through the wiki, you will come to discover the unexplored (or under-explored) edges. One piece at a time, more elements of the campaign will be constructed, polished, and locked in place. Check back from time to time and you are almost certain to discover something new, improved, or expanded.


Introduction to Stormfell


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Nations of Stormfell

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For information regarding the current Stormfell campaign, check out the Ashen Legacy pages.


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