The Primal Spirit

In the course of the Creation War, an unexpected event developed that has significance to mortals even today. As the war raged across Stormfell, gods and primordials alike experienced a number of inexplicable setbacks and attacks from an unknown foe. These attacks occurred either on Stormfell or the Feywild (and to a lesser extent the Shadowfell), and were directed at both sides in the conflict. Right under the noses of gods and primordials, a new (or in some ways, very old) participant entered the war on its own side, opposed to the others. Eventually, the gods referred to this new adversary as the primal spirit, sometimes known as the “World Serpent.”

No one, not even the gods, truly understood what the primal spirit was or how it developed. Some gods believed but one primal spirit existed while others argued there were dozens or even hundreds different spirits, all unified in common cause. In combat, the primal spirit manifested as one or more powerful entities, usually connected to a major element such as water, earth, or wind. These creatures, although seemingly unintelligent, fought with tenacity and ferocity on every occasion. Without hesitation, they fought to guard or protect physical areas of the mortal world or its echoes. When gods and primordials started a battle, the primal spirits soon joined the fight and attacked both sides, fiercely defending their home.

Conducting research, Ioun concluded something remarkable had occurred: the mortal realms had developed a defense mechanism against invaders; in this case, gods and primordials were the intruders. He described this nascent entity as a “primal spirit” – a spirit actually composed of thousands upon thousands of individual spirits. Somehow, the Stormfell, the Feywild, and the Shadowfell had gained a level of sentience and the will to survive. It perceived the destructiveness of the Dawn War as a threat to its existence, and thus evolved a way to fight back. To combat its enemies, the primal spirit unleashed legions of lesser spirits in physical form, drawing them from air, water, sky, earth, and fire. The primal spirit fought with beast spirits of all kinds as well.

Perhaps most intriguing of all, the god Ioun believed the primal spirit grew stronger and more self-aware the more it felt moved to self-defense. Each time the primal spirit manifested in physical form, it gained power and learned more about its enemies and surroundings. Ioun postulated the disturbing notion that, sooner or later, the primal spirit could slay a god under the right circumstances; it can certainly inflict injury.

No one can say whether the primal spirit shortened the Dawn War or not. Regardless, it remains alive and powerful to this day. It does not possess the full self-awareness of a god, and in the absence of major threats from gods or primordials it remains somnambulant. Minor spirits, serving the needs of the mortal world, exist in many places and in countless creatures across Stormfell. These nature spirits protect the natural world from invaders and destroyers and keep watch for the day when the primal spirit must awaken once more.

The Primal Spirit

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