Aeddon the Living God

An unusual event occurred in the history of Stormfell. One of the most powerful and treacherous primordials, Raal Saraat, escaped from captivity into the mortal realm. At first, his arrival went unnoticed, as he escaped with surprising subtlety (the method of his escape remains a mystery). Over the span of decades, he quietly established a religion devoted to his name, and he carved out an early empire known as Shaddoth.

The gods argued and debated what to do in response to Raal’s escape and subsequent rise. The Covenant forbade the gods from direct interference in the mortal world. In addition, the primal spirit (sometimes referred to as the World Serpent) would likely react violently to the presence of more than a few gods on its soil.

Finally, the god known as Aeddon stepped forward. He arranged a compromise amongst the bickering gods. He would surrender his Astral Sea domain and some of his god-like powers. In exchange, he would take physical form – an avatar – and live amongst mortals. He could then find a way to defeat Raal Saraat and return everything to the status quo. He could never return to full godhood, and he could never return to his home.

Aeddon appeared before mortals and became known as the Living God. He quickly created a church devoted to his beliefs, and he set to work crafting an empire strong enough to oppose Shaddoth. His empire, the Empire of Nerath (named for the first man to take the imperial throne, the high priest of Aeddon), launched a bitter war against Shaddoth.

The war between Nerath and Shaddoth ebbed and flowed over the years, neither side able to gain dominance.

The war ended in tragedy for all sides. Treachery led to the death of both Aeddon and Raal Saraat at the same exact moment. The sudden release of mystical energy flashed across the world, burning cities and devastating the land. Ripples of this destruction flared into other realms as well, damaging the Veil between the mortal world, the Shadowfell, and the Feywild.

The last high priest to serve Aeddon was a man known as Lucifer, the man now known as Lord Lightbringer. Although he has been dead for long years, he continues to influence the world in countless ways.

Aeddon the Living God

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