William Brock

Sergeant of the Guard for the ducal household


A citizen of the continent of Aensara in the distant south, Brock possesses dark skin and deep black eyes – both of which are extremely rare in this part of the world. He cuts an imposing, intimidating figure because of his sheer physicality, bolstered by well defined muscles. Completely bald, Brock keeps his head and face clean shaven.


Sgt. Willem Brock (male human, age 35):

A long-standing member of the Duke’s personal guard and a loyal soldier of the Duchy. Sgt. Brock has served in uniform for the past twenty years, joining the day before the Night Dragon’s fateful attack. He has no desire to rise higher in the ranks, and remains relatively content with his position in life. He is a good-nature veteran with a no-nonsense attitude, good insight, and the ability to quickly size up a dangerous situation. He often accompanies important individuals coming and going from the palace, and he is often placed in charge of security during important state visits. Brock gets along well with the other soldiers, but he also maintains good relations with most of the palace staff. He is a reliable and competent soldier and a regular fixture around the palace. Interestingly, “William Brock” is not his original given name; born in the distant southlands, he came to the region as a slave at the age of 5. He spent the next few years of his life as a menial servant. After that, he fought briefly in the gladiatorial arenas. At the age of 14, he killed his master and escaped north to Anderland. He demonstrated remarkable bravery and daring in the midst of the Night Dragon attack, and thus earned a position with the ducal guard. He quickly climbed to the position of sergeant, and he remains content in that role.

William Brock

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