Viktor Grimm

Halfling master of the Guild of Thieves in Andersgate


Viktor is rarely seen in public, although he is well known. He is also feared and respected. People who treat him with proper respect and deference he tends to treat well. Individuals who have insulted or slighted him inevitably learn to regret the insult. Viktor is a lean-faced halfling with hard eyes and a wariness about his every movement. He dresses only in the most expensive fashions.


Viktor Grimm (male halfling, age 32)

An expatriate from the Empire of Maldar, Viktor came to the city of Andersgate looking for work and a place to live. In the span of a decade, he clawed his way to the top of the local thieves’ guild. All along the way, his opponents underestimated him, much to their sorrow. Viktor has demonstrated remarkable tenacity, skill, and supernatural luck. Indeed, numerous stories indicate that a ghost accompanies him everywhere, advising him and protecting him. Viktor is a ruthless criminal who holds the Andersgate thieves’ guild in an iron grip. He is a consummate businessman, and under his leadership the guild has prospered. He maintains an uneasy truce with the Duke’s authority and that of the local constabulary – he knows the limits of what he can get away with, and what actions may provoke a response. He is also adept at misplacing blame and getting out of harm’s way at the right time. Despite the seeming contradiction, there is evidence of friendship (or at least camaraderie) between Viktor and Tobias Crowe.

Viktor Grimm

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