Turoth Mourn

An infamous warlord of the Uthnal Reavers, the Blood-drinkers clan


Turoth Mourn is a powerfully built barbarian. He stands nearly seven feet tall, and he boasts legendary strength and combat prowess. It is said he is demon-possessed; in combat, he certainly revels in the blood and gore. He is also said to have the “death look”; according to legend, a glare from Turoth can kill as easily as a knife across the throat.


Turoth Mourn (male human, age unknown)

One of the most feared and despised of the Reavers of Uthnal (which is really saying something), Turoth Mourn has quickly become legendary for his ability to kill and maim. Every few years, Turoth leads his band of raiders into Anderland or the surrounding countryside. His warriors are even more savage and brutal than the typical Uthnal Reaver, and Turoth is the worst of them all. He has become known as the Cannibal of the North, and it is said he wears a necklace of ears and tongues sliced from his victims. Although he is entirely uncivilized, he should not be underestimated. He is not only a skilled warrior, but a clever tactician. At present, a reward of 5,000 gold crowns has been posted jointly by Anderland and Maldar for the head of Turoth Mourn.

Turoth Mourn

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