Tobias Crowe

One of the wealthiest and most influential men in the Duchy of Anderland


Although the years have started to catch up with Mr. Tobias Crowe, his wealth and power nonetheless provide him with an almost palpable aura. Physically, he is not imposing or muscular, but his innate demeanor tends to intimidate people of all sorts. He is a man who knows exactly what he wants, knows exactly how to go about getting it, and his eyes reveal the fact he will do anything to achieve his goals. Staring into the eyes of Tobias Crowe, one may come to wonder if he still possesses any spark of humanity or mercy.


Tobias Crowe (male human, age 63):

Tobias is one of the wealthiest and most influential merchants in the Duchy of Anderland. He resides in the capital city of Andersgate where he controls a mercantile trading coster (Crowe Commerce) that also operates in Paladanthis, Maldar, and throughout the Cadean Marches. He personally owns a small fleet of merchant ships, and his company employs dozens of individuals. Mr. Crowe is well known, but not well liked. He is viewed as greedy, manipulative, ambitious, and unsympathetic to his “social inferiors.” He is one of the most powerful individuals in the region, despite the fact he has no noble title. Indeed, a great many nobles in Maldar and Anderland (and elsewhere) owe him favors and other debts. It is said that he holds secrets and leverage on almost every noble throughout this realm and elsewhere. For all his faults, Mr. Crowe has long supported the ducal family of d’Anderville. At the same time, most people know better than to fully trust Tobias. When business concludes, the only individual Tobias truly cares about is himself. There is frequent speculation that Mr. Crowe’s business interests are far deeper and wide-flung than anyone truly guesses. He is widely known as a collector and purveyor of magic items and relics, and he has a particular fondness for unique items.

Tobias Crowe

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