The Horned Man

A mythical forest spirit now believed deceased


Most stories describe the Horned Man as tall and muscular. Some stories suggest he wears an antlered headdress, while other stories indicate the horns actually grow from his head. By report, wherever he walks he can, if he so chooses, leave distinctive footprints – his tread wilts and kills grass and other plants. Insects of all sorts crawl and writhe over his body and face. He can leave behind a veil of thick spider webs if he chooses. He can also, with a gesture, turn surrounding plants to ash. It is fortunate indeed that he is but a myth.


The Horned Man (primal spirit)

Many people in Anderland believe the Horned Man is nothing but a figment of myth and folklore, although such an individual may have existed in past. The Council of Druids has categorically denied that the Horned Man still lives. According to the druids, they put this creature to death more than sixty years ago, ending his villainy. According to folktales, the Horned Man is some sort of primal nature spirit, but one that has been corrupted by dark forces. He warps and taints all that he touches, and his mere presence instills those around him with chaos. Animals are terrified of him, and only insects are willing to remain in his presence. He can control the weather, although stories suggest he only used his powers to inflict drought, floods, or cruel blizzards. He can travel freely from one tree to another, regardless of the distance between them. His gaze afflicts his enemies with tumors, twisted bones, malformed limbs, and insanity – his “gifts” to all. Stories suggest that a primal cult, the Children of the Beast, worships him as a god. This cult reputedly sneaks into households to steal children; such victims are warped and raised to serve the Horned Man. Again, the druids of the Council stress that the Horned Man existed (although he was no god or spirit), but they put an end to him many decades ago.

The Horned Man

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