Talbot Ashcroft

Current leader of the Council of Druids in Anderland


Although extremely aged, Talbot remains active and passionate about his responsibilities. He is cantankerous even when in a good mood, and downright surly almost all the time. His thick, full beard has not turned entirely white.


Talbot Ashcroft (male human, age 92)

The current leader of the Council of Druids – known as the Grand Druid – in the region is this man, widely considered one of the most cantankerous and ill-mannered in the Duchy. He has served as a druid for the Council for more than seven decades, and he has been their leader for the past decade. Most common folk have never met Ashcroft, but most have heard of him by reputation. For all his bad moods and blistering insults, he genuinely cares for the people under his care. He has always worked to keep the Council of Druids involved in everyday affairs. Although he was not involved in the fight against the Night Dragon, much of his time these past two decades has been dedicated to repairing the aftereffects and rebuilding the Council’s membership. Of late, he has come under increased challenge from a younger druid, Nara Blackstaff, who seeks to lead the Council on a more conservative course.

Talbot Ashcroft

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