Silaura the Grey

Banished and outlawed priestess of Avandra


Before her banishment, Silaura possessed a noble, stately beauty. After time living in the wilds and on the run, her appearance has become harsher, more weathered. She must take what help and aid she can get as she passes from one community to the next, and her physical appearance is no longer a concern. Despite her often unkempt and weather-beaten appearance, she somehow exudes a sense of determination and divine purpose.


Silaura the Gray (female human, age 52)

A local priestess of the faith of Avandra. For the most part, Silaura wanders through the Duchy helping people as needed and spreading word of Avandra’s message. For much of her life, Silaura was a fixture in Andersgate and the surrounding area, and she was respected by all people. Unfortunately, her distrust of Banites and her brave words proved unwise. Two years ago, she was named an Enemy of the Empire, and thus is considered a wanted fugitive with a price on her head. By imperial law, Duke Caldric was forced to arrest the priestess and send her to Maldar for trial. Although the duke arrested Silaura, he allowed her to escape rather than condemning her by sending her to the Empire. Since that time, Silaura has been a fugitive. Anyone harboring her, providing her food, or otherwise granting aid is also an Enemy of the Empire. The Duke’s decision to arrest Silaura was easily one of the least popular acts of his tenure, and to this day people consider it a black mark on the ducal family name. Despite the risk, the priestess remains in the Duchy to help people and spread Avandra’s word.

Silaura the Grey

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