Saudon Longshanks

Elven master-of-stables for the ducal palace


Saudon is surprisingly ungainly and inelegant for one of his race. His arms and legs seem gangly and uncoordinated, his face seems too long and stretched thin. When he speaks, he does so with a halting speech pattern, stumbling over words with a strong elven accent. Whenever he is around horses, caring for them, riding them, or simply discussing them, Saudon becomes amazingly eloquent and animated.


Saudon Longshanks (male elf, age 67)

Saudon is the Master of Horse and keeper of the ducal stables. He purchases mounts for the use of the Duke, the Duke’s family, and the palace staff. He makes sure the stables are well maintained, clean, and running efficiently. Saudon is typically disliked whenever someone first meets him; he is brusque, standoffish, and seems little interested in what anyone else has to say (except the Duke, of course). When the subject matter turns to horses, however, his attention comes into full force. He is an excellent judge of horseflesh, and the best trainer in the land. He is proud of his stables, and with good cause.

Saudon Longshanks

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