Renate Chernyenko

Personal assistant to the Royal Consort, Lady Anyalka Ivanov


Renate is somewhat of a mystery to most people. Possessed of striking dark Maldaran beauty, she is aloof and cold towards almost everyone in the palace except her mistress and certain of the ducal family. She is a lithe woman with exceptional grace, and her every movement seems precise and perfect. By report of several unfortunate palace servants, Renate demonstrates surprising strength when angered.


Renate Chernyenko (female human, age 21):

The lady-in-waiting and personal assistant to the Royal Consort, Lady Anyalka Ivanov. She accompanied her mistress on the trip from Maldar, and has been at her Lady’s side ever since. She cuts a striking figure at court, with her waist-length raven-black hair and her piercing green eyes. Although virtually every male at court has shown an interest in her, she has shown no interest in any of them. Her dedication to her mistress borders on the extreme – she has demonstrated a low tolerance for anyone speaking ill of the Lady. Perhaps more troubling, she apparently possesses impressive strength despite her lithe figure. A few royal courtiers whisper that Renate received training with the Maldaran Intelligence Service, including methods for assassination. Despite these dark rumors, Renate has not done anything that could be noted as truly suspicious or subversive.

Renate Chernyenko

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