Remiya Pemberton

Former wizard apprentice to Kyman


Remiya cares little about her outward appearance. Much of the time, she is decorated with chalk dust, ink smudges, and similar “hazards” of her occupation. Her hair is usually kept tied back, or otherwise she wears it unkempt. She is a quiet, studious individual who rarely speaks up or voices her opinion, but she seems to carefully watch everyone and everything going in her surroundings.


Remiya Pemberton (female human, age 24)

Former pupil of Kyman Andoverge and journeyman wizard. She currently resides in Andersgate where she brews potions, provides readings for individuals, and earns a living as best she can. The common people have come to appreciate and trust Remiya, although they do not always feel comfortable with her “gifts.” In past, all of Kyman’s pupils (and there have not been a great many of those) have left the Duchy to find better work in other lands. Remiya, however, has chosen to remain local. She and Kyman remain on fairly good terms.

Remiya Pemberton

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