Prester Edmund Crane

The elderly high priest of the Church of Bahamut for the ducal palace


Prester (the title of a priest) Edmund Crane is a sharp-nosed elderly gentleman with a stern, rigid bearing, an acid tongue, and the ability to make almost anyone uncomfortable simply by glaring at at them. Despite his advanced years, Prester Crane is a fairly spry and active man.


Prester Edmund Crane (male human, age 79):

An elderly and stern cleric of the faith of Bahamut, and high priest of the Church of Bahamut in the palace. Beneath his stern exterior, Edmund is a man of conviction, faith, hope, and courage. He holds to his principles and expects others do likewise. He has been the chief spiritual adviser to the Duke’s family for much of his life, serving the past two dukes prior to the current one. He teaches the servant boys and girls of the palace how to read, write, and conduct themselves appropriately. He also teaches a number of young acolytes in the ways of Bahamut. Prester Crane and Kyman Andoverge are old friends, although they bicker constantly and rarely agree on anything if they can help it. Prester Crane holds a great deal of scorn for Lord Calixis.

Prester Edmund Crane

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