Obrück the Bold

Current leader of the Wardens in Anderland


Obrück is an aged man, and he is a tired man. The burden of his office weighs heavily on him, and the truth of it is apparent in his eyes and in the fatigue laid upon his shoulders.


Obrück the Bold (male human, age 64)

The current leader of the Wardens. Obrück became the First Warden seven years ago upon the disappearance of the previous leader, Lena Sarwick. On the plus side, Obrück is capable and cares a great deal about his people. On the downside, he has limited imagination or foresight. When things are going well, he keeps the Wardens running efficiently and he keeps Anderland safe. When things turn chaotic, however, Obrück becomes too focused on details. He is an extremely stubborn man, and not an individual given to flights of fancy. He has no time for nonsense (and he has a fairly broad view of what constitutes “nonsense”).

Obrück the Bold

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