Nythia the Red

Legendary female brigand and cutthroat


Nythia is a young wisp of a woman with light blond hair and deep blue eyes. Although she is rumored to possess a measure of beauty, none of it ever touches her eyes. Except where women and children are concerned, she reveals only a cold, hard, and vindictive streak.


Nythia the Red (female human, age 25)

According to the stories, Nythia started her life as a beggar in the empire. She never knew her father, and had the dubious honor of watching a band of mercenaries murder her mother. At the tender age of 13, she learned even harder lessons about the streets of the big city. After yet another beating at the hands of yet another brutal thug, Nythia took matters into her own hands. She undertook a murder spree in the city of Theodosia that claimed the lives of 13 men. From there, she escaped into Anderland. She took to banditry to survive, and has remained a successful bandit for the past nine years. Nythia commands a small clan of bandits, and these criminals have proven dangerous to Maldaran traders traveling to and from the empire. When it comes to Maldarans, especially men, she reveals a cruel, sadistic streak that has become legendary. At the same time, she has been known to donate food and clothing to the sick and injured; at times, her bandits have killed raiding orcs to protect a nearby farm. Regardless of the occasional good deed, Nythia and her band of cutthroats are among the most dangerous and vicious criminals at large in the duchy.

Nythia the Red

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