Nara Blackstaff

Elven member of the Council of Druids


Nara still appears relatively young physically, but anyone matching her gaze immediately recognizes a person with considerable wisdom as well as immense reservoirs of determination. Her bright green eyes contain surprising depths, as well as an indication of a person who will not back down, surrender, or compromise her beliefs in any way.


Nara Blackstaff (female elf, age 117)

The second most important member of the Council of Druids, Nara is widely seen as the next leader of the Council. Despite her age, she is a relative newcomer to the region, having only lived in the Duchy for a decade. She is beloved by many of the common folk for her warmth, her obvious compassion, and her willingness to listen. She and the current Grand Druid, Talbot Ashcroft (see below) do not get along, and often take opposing sides on any issue. For all of Nara’s goodwill with the common folk, she is determined to lead the Council of Druids down a more conservative path. She believes the druids should not be involved with the populace, as it damages their neutrality and involves them in issues that should be left to fate. Were it up to Nara Blackstaff, the Council would become far more secret and closed to the people of Anderland.

Nara Blackstaff

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