Morgahl Bloodsworn

Goliath deserter from the Maldaran Death Titans Legion


Relatively little is known about Morgahl’s physical appearance.


Morgahl Bloodsworn (female goliath, age 26)

A goliath warrior and former member of the Death Titans Legion. Morgahl was captured at an early age by Maldaran slavers and turned over for training with the Titans. For a time, she excelled within that unit. She quickly became dissatisfied with the discipline, obedience, and lack of freedom. She became one of the few goliath to ever desert from the Titans successfully. She fled to Anderland a little more than six years ago and has been hiding within the Duchy ever since. Unfortunately, she has spent much of that time as hired muscle, serving as a thug to brigands and raiders. She often spends the winter in a small village, living off the locals until spring thaw. By the time she departs, most of the villagers have succumbed to starvation or her wrath. She is known as a cruel, merciless, and sadistic warrior. The Duchy has a price on her head, but to date has been unable to capture her.

Morgahl Bloodsworn

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