Maurna Bloom

The Lady-in-Waiting to the Princess Amalline


The Lady Bloom is a large woman. Although somewhat homely in appearance and ungraceful in appearance, she nonetheless reveals startling speed, determination, and even ferocity in protecting her charge, the young Princess Amalline.


Lady Maurna Bloom (female human, age 41)

This rather large woman is the governess to the duke’s daughter and step-daughter. She has been instrumental in teaching (or at least attempting to teach the duke’s daughter the arts of court etiquette. The Lady Bloom is a very prim and proper woman, but she is positively a mother bear when it comes to protecting “her children.” She is somewhat of a terror to the palace staff, if only because she is exacting in her expectations. She feels a measure of disappointment that the Princess d’Anderville has not turned out more “lady-like.”

Maurna Bloom

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