Marta Crowe

Wife of the merchant, Tobias Crowe


In her prime, Marta Crowe was widely viewed as one of the most beautiful and graceful women in Andersgate, and perhaps beyond. She was considered one of the greatest prizes for marriage, given her looks, charm, and her family’s impressive wealth. Since her marriage to Tobias Crowe, she has aged prematurely, although she retains an alluring, almost haunting degree of beauty. Unfortunately, that beauty is often hidden. The look in her eyes – on most days – speaks of a person who has died inside. On rare occasion, however, that look in her eyes flashes towards an almost terrifying yet calculating rage.


Marta Crowe (female human, age 44)

The current wife of merchant Tobias Crowe. In her youth, Marta was known for her tremendous beauty and poise. At an early age, she demonstrated a deep interest in becoming a priestess of Avandra. Before she could fulfill her dream, her parents forced her to marry Tobias Crowe – a demand that made her family quite wealthy. It is said that Marta aged quickly thereafter. She has remained a staunch advocate of the poor and needy in Andersgate, although much of her fiery disposition and passion have long since been taken from her. She seems slightly unhinged at times; perhaps living for so long with Tobias Crowe has left her a rather damaged individual… There are a number of dark and disturbing stories concerning what happened to her youngest daughter just a few years ago.

Marta Crowe

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