Marquess William d'Anderville

The eldest son of Duke Caldric d'Anderville, heir apparent to the rule of Anderland


William is, in many ways, quite different from his father, both in appearance and demeanor. Whereas the Duke is given to dark moods and brooding, William is more open, energetic, and action-oriented. He is a handsome young man with blonde hair and blue eyes, and he carries himself with a natural grace and nobility.


Marquess William d’Anderville (male human, age 22):

The eldest son and heir apparent of the Duchy of Anderland. William is beloved by the people for his dashing good looks, his impressive athletic abilities, and his ability to get along with almost anyone. He is handsome, witty, charming, and yet responsible. For all his good points, however, he has demonstrated a growing reluctance to make tough decisions. (It is difficult to remain popular when one must make such hard decisions.) Where the ladies of court are concerned, William is one of the most popular and available young men. He is betrothed to Lady Lyonessa, a princess of the Theocracy of Paladanthis as part of a political arrangement. The Lady Lyonessa was scheduled to have arrived in Anderland already, but the onset of a serious illness has so far delayed her trip. To date, William has never met his future wife.

Marquess William d'Anderville

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