Malvena Vol

The head priestess of the Church of Bane in Andersgate


Malvena Vol is a beautiful but rather cold young woman. She possesses dark black hair and a youthful appearance that belies the power she wields. She almost always wears the vestments and robes of a High Priestess of Bane, often with the hood pulled up when she must travel in public. Although beautiful, her eyes carry something unnerving and frightening within them. Her face lights up with the zeal of a true believer of Bane, something that only serves to turn her beauty into something dangerous.


Malvena Vol, High Priestess of Bane (female human, age 21):

The current High Priestess of the Church of Bane in the Duchy of Anderland. She arrived in the city of Andersgate only last year, after her predecessor died of a mysterious foodborne illness. Whereas the last High Priestess of Bane in the region was considered a lecherous, craven fool, Malvena Vol has demonstrated the true zeal and determination of a “true believer.” Although it can easily be appreciated that her posting in Anderland is not a prestigious one, Malvena nonetheless wields considerable power and influence in the duchy. She can gain an audience with Duke Caldric whenever she demands, she maintains her own small private bodyguard force, and she benefits from the wealth of the church. The High Priestess is detested, but no dares publicly insult her or challenge her authority. With but a word, she can have virtually any Anderlander (commoner) arrested and imprisoned or flogged. There are rumors that the High Priestess of Bane is quite smitten with Duke Caldric, and is determined to win control over the leader of the realm.

Malvena Vol

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