Malak Crook-Nose

The palace rat-catcher and vermin-hunter


Malak is a rotund older man who seems in a perpetual state of bewilderment. He wears dirty, ragged clothes still stained with a month’s worth of meals. He has numerous gaps between teeth, and his breath reeks of stale beer and moldy bread. When amused (which is not difficult), he reacts with a high-pitched wheeze. If it were not for the fact that Malak performs an absolutely essential function in the palace, he would not be allowed within sight of the building, let alone free to wander its hallways and chambers.


Malak Crook-Nose (male human, age 34)

The palace rat-catcher and vermin-hunter. People generally avoid Malak (as well as his small but vicious dog) due to his unsavory role in the palace. He is a nervous, twitchy man given to talking to himself (or his dog, no one is quite sure). For all his peculiar habits and eccentricities, Malak is good at his job. He also knows a great deal about the underlevels of the palace and castle, including places that no other person has visited for more than a century. Malak loves his job and demonstrates remarkable talent for finding vermin, but he is not otherwise terribly bright. He is mostly concerned with hunting down and eradicating vermin.

Malak Crook-Nose

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