Malachai Drago

Cult leader and wanted heretic


Malachai Drago (male human, age unknown)

One of the most infamous, despised, and hunted individuals in Anderland, Malachai was somehow closely connected with the attack of the Night Dragon some twenty years ago. Some stories suggest he helped summon the creature, while other tales hint that he actually created it through the use of blood magic. Whatever his involvement, he has long been sought by Anderlander law enforcement and the d’Anderville family. He is wanted not only for questioning as to his involvement in the attacks, but also he is wanted for suspicion of treason, conspiracy, murder, kidnapping, and other foul crimes. In the year leading up to the Night Dragon’s attack, Malachai led a small but dangerous cult of fanatics and Blight Mages. This cult, known as the Servants of the Fallen, perpetrated a number of horrific crimes, including kidnapping and sacrifice of children, arson, and poisoning the water source for two villages. Unfortunately, Malachai escaped capture and has continued to elude the authorities. Some people believe Malachai actually perished during the Night Dragon’s attack.

Malachai Drago

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