Lyria Damara

Half-elven leader of a dissident druid movement


Lyria is a small but feisty woman with hair the color of fallen snow. The last few years of her life have taken a toll on her health and her state of mind, leaving her bitter, angry, and filled with a desire for vengeance.


Lyria Damara (female half-elf, age 37)

Lyria barely survived the Night of Shadows; a druidic apprentice at the time, she watched her fellow apprentices and their masters massacred by the Night Dragon. Afterwards, Lyria learned that the Council of Druids had possessed information about the Night Dragon before its attack. She accused the Council Elder, Talbot Ashcroft, of doing nothing with that knowledge. Before the Council could expel her, she formed her own splinter group known as the Followers of the Path. Her and a handful of other druids left the Council and have remained a part of this splinter group ever since. The Followers of the Path have remained a somewhat militant and active, albeit small, druidic organization in the realm. Lyria is a fiery young woman of tremendous passion and determination. She harbors deep resentment towards the Council and its leader, Talbot Ashcroft.

Lyria Damara

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