Lucef Crowe

Young wizard's apprentice and son of Tobias Crowe


For his age, Lucef appears young and he is still a bit short compared with is peers. Behind his youthful good looks and his quick smile, however, there is something older, more mature, and wary than one might otherwise expect. He is well versed in talking with people from all walks of life, but he is especially skilled at talking with young women. Given that he is the son of Tobias Crowe, it is highly likely that he has seen and learned things that no one so young should know.


Lucef Crowe (male human, age 16

The young son of Tobias and Marta Crowe, Lucef is widely considered one of the most eligible bachelors in the realm. Because of his family name, he is one of the wealthiest individuals alive. He has enjoyed the best education money could buy, and he is handsome as well. As much as his father wants him to take over the family business someday, such an event seems remote from Lucef’s dreams and aspirations. Indeed, after much arguing and debate, Lucef became apprenticed to the ducal court wizard, Kyman Andoverge. For the past three years, Lucef has demonstrated remarkable facility with magic, and an unquenchable curiosity. Despite his father’s reluctance for the profession, Lucef seems on the verge of becoming a capable journeyman and, someday, a master in his own right. Although it is uncertain if Tobias will allow a son who is a wizard to take over the family business, it is widely believed he’d rather do that than turn it over to his daughter, who currently works for the Council of Druids. Lucef Crowe is a popular individual, despite his chosen profession. At the same time, there are whispers throughout the castle that it can be dangerous to become beholden to Lucef Crowe (or any of the Crowes, for that matter).

Lucef Crowe

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