Lord Varin d'Anderville

The uncle of Caldric d'Anderville, and also the Duke's closest friend and adviser


Varin, despite his age, nonetheless possesses a strong presence. He has a noble bearing combined with the deep wisdom of many years in politics and governance. In private, he tends to be an affable, avuncular man with a broad sense of humor. When need demands, however, he brings a wise and calming presence to the situation.


Lord Varin d’Anderville (male human, age 75):

The duke’s chief adviser and oldest friend, as well as the duke’s uncle (on his father’s side). Varin has an avuncular manner, but he has consistently demonstrated a keen understanding of political strategy. He helped curb his nephew’s more strident impulses for the good of the Duchy when the “Hero of Andersgate” first ascended the throne. At the age of 75, Varin wants to retire to his estates and allow his sons to carry on his family name. There remains great affection between him and his nephew.

Lord Varin d'Anderville

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