Lord Leonas d'Anderville

The young son of Duke Caldric and his Consort, Lady Anyalka Ivanov


Leonas, although still young, possesses an easy charm and a fluid grace. Together, these traits suggest he will be a handsome, dashing man. At the same time, he reveals a mischievous, even devious intellect when he thinks he can get away with something. He has the uncanny ability to read people’s moods, while at the same time being able to make someone completely at ease or entirely nervous around him.


Lord Leonas d’Anderville (male human, age 14):

The youngest child of the duke and son to the duke and the Lady Ivanov. He is a somewhat petulant young man, but he demonstrates a quick wit and pleasant charm that helps him get out of many bad situations. He has a love of pranks, and he enjoys humiliating those around him and bullying the court staff. Leonas is extremely intelligent and is able to think quickly on his feet, and he grasps the realities of politics quite well. He has often spoken of his ambition to gain the throne of the Duchy; such a goal will not be met, however, as long as his older stepbrother remains alive to inherit.

Lord Leonas d'Anderville

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