Lord Gabriel Chugarin

Tiefling Maldaran diplomat to the court of Duke Caldric


Despite the apparent contradictions, Lord Diplomat Chugarin is a cultured, polite, considerate, and affable individual. He speaks many languages fluently, and knows the traditions of numerous races and cultures. He understands the precarious nature of his posting in Anderland, and thus goes out of his way to avoid giving insult or offending anyone. When necessary, he takes advantage of his fiendish appearance when intimidation works better than diplomacy.


Lord Gabriel Chugarin (male tiefling, age 36)

The political liaison between the Empire of Maldar and the court of Duke Caldric d’Anderville. Lord Chugarin received his appointment six years ago after the sudden (and still unexplained) death of his predecessor. It is widely believed the Emperor of Maldar sent a tiefling as a direct insult to Duke Caldric. Because of the duchy’s status as a vassal state, the duke and his court must grudgingly accept Lord Chugarin’s presence. He serves to “advise” the duke on issues of state pertaining to the empire. He is a smooth, charming, and gracious creature with the ability to put people at ease in his presence. Not surprisingly, no one trusts him and it is widely assumed he is more of a spy than the Lady Ivanov. Lord Chugarin, of course, strongly protests such accusations. He is frequently heard to state, “I am nothing more than a simple diplomat!”

Lord Gabriel Chugarin

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