Lassiverius Blacke

Leader of the Maldaran Slave-Takers


As one might imagine, Lassiverius practically exudes menace, but at the same time he reveals a surprising amount of grace, finesse, and intellect. He is likely one of the most cultured and refined tieflings one will ever meet. Despite his charisma, he exudes an aura of oily lasciviousness and greed, combined with something far darker and more sinister.


Lassiverius Blacke (male tiefling, age 31)

One of the most successful and infamous of the Slave-Takers, Lassiverius is renowned for his skills in tracking down slaves. He has retrieved more runaways than any other bounty hunter, and he has retrieved them from surprising distances and against incredible odds. His unorthodox methods do not seem suited to most people, but those methods work for him. He has a reputation for never losing his temper, never raising his voice, and never revealing his true emotions. He is also infamous for his vast collection of potent magic items, items that provide him an important edge on his hunts. There are numerous sinister stories about his devotion to Asmodeus (something that ordinarily would get him into severe trouble with the Church of Bane in Maldar). He must truly love his job, as he is wealthy enough that he need never work again in his lifetime. A visit from Lassiverius Blacke is considered an ill omen; bad luck seems to follow him, yet never affect him personally.

Lassiverius Blacke

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