Lady Selena Ivanov

The young, captivating daughter of Lady Anyalka Ivanov


Around the palace, the Lady Selena Ivanov is one of the most beautiful and captivating women; indeed, her beauty likely surpasses almost anyone in Andersgate. Although she possesses impressive physical beauty with long red hair, deep green eyes, more importantly she knows how to walk (i.e., saunter), talk, and put her attributes to the most devastating use. She is beautiful and she knows it, and she enjoys using her beauty to lead men to their sorrow.


Lady Selena Ivanov (female human, age 16):

The daughter of Lady Ivanov. Few people possess the ravishing beauty and seductive allure of Selena Ivanov. She is one of the most adept individuals in influencing the men of the court and bending them to her will. Although her mother may never become Duchess, Selena firmly believes that she will become betrothed to Marquess William and thereby become Duchess herself. At present, she has practically dominated William, but she has yet to convince the Duke of the wisdom of such a marriage. She is dangerous, conniving, cunning, and more intelligent than most of the men in the Duke’s court. She has limited knowledge of arcane magic, having proven herself an adept study under the tutelage of the court wizard, Kyman Andoverge.

Lady Selena Ivanov

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