Lady Helen d'Suloa

Grandmother to Princess Amalline d'Anderville, matron of the ducal household


The Lady Helen’s beauty, once renowned throughout the Duchy, has faded considerably from the toll of the past two decades. The attack of the Night Dragon all those years ago cost her several family members, and the death of her daughter 18 years ago likewise weakened her health. Although she has suffered the ravages of time with white hair and wrinkles, she has lost none of her fire, her intellect, or her remarkable ability to get what she wants when she wants it. She is a woman of iron disposition, never given to the softer displays of emotion or compassion.


Lady Helen d’Suloa (female human, age 77)

The Lady Helen is the mother of the late Lady Amberline, and thus grandmother to the young princess Amalline d’Anderville. After the death of her daughter 18 years ago, she moved out of the palace and returned to her family estate on the outskirts of Andersgate. She comes and visits her granddaughter and grandson from time to time, but she has little patience for speaking with Duke Caldric. She blames Caldric for the death of her daughter; she believes he pushed her to have children too soon after an ailment. The Lady Helen is a grand matron of high noble upbringing. Although she has blood ties to nobility in Maldar, she is an Anderlander patriot with no love of the Maldarans. She is a stern, cold, and hard woman given to duty, responsibility, and logic. She has no time for emotions, compassion, or other aspects of a “feminine nature.” She is one of the few people that actually unnerves the Lady Ivanov (both the mother and the daughter). Lady Helen is strict, no-nonsense, and a woman of true iron. She possesses a sharp tongue and a temper, but she prefers to use her intellect to get her way rather than indulge in flashes of anger.

Lady Helen d'Suloa

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