Lady Anyalka Ivanov

The Ducal Consort and companion to Duke Caldric d'Anderville


A true Maldaran beauty, Lady Ivanov radiates a haughty and aloof coldness that makes most people uncomfortable in her presence. In her emerald green eyes lurks a sharp, quick temper that seems coiled to strike for the smallest infraction. Her beauty may be impressive, but her personality makes her difficult to like.


Lady Anyalka Ivanov (female human, age 30):

The duke’s current mistress and Royal Consort. She came to court 15 years ago courtesy of the Emperor of Maldar (in hopes of forming a blood connection with his vassal state). A member of the Maldaran royalty, the Lady Ivanov expected to be made Duchess several years ago, but to date the Duke Caldric has not taken such a step (and this omission is widely seen as a thinly veiled insult to the Emperor). The Lady Ivanov is infamous throughout the court for her bad temper. Because of her temper and her Maldaran ancestry, she is disliked by most of the Anderlanders. Amongst the servants, Lady Ivanov has acquired the nickname of “The Royal Harpy.” Indeed, every household servant has suffered a berating (and occasional beating) from her at one time or another. The Lady Ivanov gets along poorly with the duke’s eldest son and daughter, as she has strong aspirations to see her son with the duke inherit the throne. She and the duke have a son (the youngest child of the duke’s family), Leonas d’Anderville, whom she adores. She has a daughter, Selena, but the child is not the duke’s. Several dark rumors suggest that Selena’s father is actually the Mad Emperor himself.

Lady Anyalka Ivanov

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