Kyman Andoverge

An elderly wizard, Kyman has served as the Court Magician to the ducal court for many decades


Kyman is an elderly wizard of advanced years. If asked about his true age, he typically mumbles something about not being certain or not remembering his exact date of birth. Regardless of his actual age, Kyman has been in service to the House d’Anderville for decades. He has long white hair and a full beard. Most of the time, he appears to have little concern for his appearance. His clothes and robes are typically disheveled and coated in chalk dust. His fingertips are stained black with ink. He is often seen mumbling to himself, and sometimes he carries on animated conversations with no one in particular.


Kyman Andoverge (male human, indeterminate age—venerable)

The elderly court wizard to the Duke’s staff. Kyman has been a fixture at the palace for over sixty years, having served the current duke, his father, and his father before him in various capacities. He is beloved amongst the community (although viewed as eccentric and absent-minded), as he has always done his best to provide assistance to the common folk He is a master of alchemy and herbs as well as the arcane arts. As the court’s arcane adviser, Kyman maintains a tower filled with alchemical equipment, experiments, and a vast library (vast by local standards, at least). He currently is training three apprentices, one of whom he hopes to have take his place so he may retire. He holds no real interest in politics, but nonetheless advises the duke on many worldly matters from time to time. He and the head priest of Bahamut, Prester Edmund Crane (see above), are old friends, although they bicker constantly.

Kyman Andoverge

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