Kupral Andrasti

Dwarven slaveholder and owner of gladiatorial ludus in Maldar


Kupral lived a harsh life before he reached his present position and wealth. The damage done by his former life is evident on his face in the form of weathering, old scars, and a hardness in his gaze. On the surface, Kupral dresses in high quality clothing and jewelry as befits one of his status. He seems ill at ease with this display, as if part of his dwarven heritage is ready to burst out and reassert itself.


Kupral Andrasti (male dwarf, age 78)

Many years ago, Kupral served as a miner in the brutal iron mines for his Maldaran masters. This form of servitude is typically a death sentence for humans, but Kupral’s dwarven constitution allowed him to survive. By dint of underhanded dealings, bribes, and careful manipulation of others, he coerced his master to trade him to the owner of a gladiatorial ludus. From there, Kupral proved himself a remarkable and theatrical gladiator. For a time, he was known as the Champion of Theodosia. He earned sufficient gold to buy his freedom and he retired from the gladiatorial life. From there, he used his knowledge and ability to open his own ludus. Within a decade, the Ludus of Andrasti became famous for its gladiators throughout the Empire. For the past forty years, his gladiatorial school has raised and trained some of the biggest names in the arena (one of his gladiators, Cu Chulainn, successfully killed the invulnerable gladiator known as “Deathbringer,” see above). He is an extremely wealthy individual with the ear of many of the Empire’s greatest citizens. To date, his efforts to gain entry into politics and become a more respectable Maldaran citizen have been frustrated – people of breeding and lineage appreciate his skills as a trainer of gladiators, but they do not believe a dwarf and former slave could ever enter the political arena. Kupral is a devious, dangerous, and manipulative creature. He knows how to coerce, control, and influence people, and he knows how to destroy his enemies.

Kupral Andrasti

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