Klag is a large, muscular, and somewhat brutish individual. His age is difficult to determine; in some ways, he seems barely 20 years of age. In other ways, he seems considerably older. He walks with a limp do to a crippled leg (an injury sustained during the Night Dragon’s attack), and he suffers from other congenital malformations, including large hands, thick fingers, and a slight twist in his spine. He moves with a shuffling walk, but at the same time he can move with surprising stealth and quickness. He is enormously strong, far more so than most men in the castle. Some people in the palace have taken to calling him “Ox” due to his strength.


Klag (male human, age unknown – approximately 21):

In the aftermath of the Night Dragon’s brutal attack against Andersgate, the local authorities and the duke were overwhelmed by calls for aid. Thousands of civilians came begging for information about missing loved ones, or seeking money to rebuild their homes, or a handout of food to soothe hunger pangs. Three nights after the attack, a young girl was found murdered just outside the palace gate. The guards found a large infant, swaddled in blankets, still clutched to her chest. No one ever determined who the girl was, and no murderer was ever found. The infant was deformed, but remarkably healthy. The ducal staff adopted the lad and gave him a place to live. Although sound of body (despite his misshapen leg and broad facial features), the lad never learned to speak more than a handful of words. He gained the crude name of “Klag” only because he repeated the word over and over; eventually it became his name. Through the past two decades, Klag has proven himself a hard and industrious worker. He is as strong as any two men, and able to work tirelessly through the day. He chops and hauls firewood, hauls water to the kitchens, and performs many other menial chores. Although Klag tends to scare visitors and guests (without meaning to, of course), he has become a mascot to the kitchen and palace servant staff. Unfortunately for him, his naive innocence and his limited intelligence often leave him the target for palace bullies. Fortunately, Klag doesn’t seem to understand when he is being tormented, and he is too strong to easily be hurt by a lone bully.


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