Kincaid of Greenbriar

Current commanders of the Pathfinders in the Duchy of Anderland


It is often said that Kincaid of Greenbriar is a literal bear of a man. He stands well over six feet in height, and he has a sturdy, imposing figure. He shows all the usual signs of a member of the Pathfinders, including a weathered face and a deeply ingrained fatigue. He is a dour man, rarely given to smiles or pleasant thoughts, and it shows on his tired face.


Kincaid of Greenbriar (male human, age 49)

The current commander of the Pathfinders, Kincaid has served in this role for the past 18 years. His predecessor, Quentin Thomas, barely survived the attack of the Night Dragon, and he never fully recovered his courage after that night. For a short time after that horrific night, the Pathfinder organization struggled as Commander Thomas issued increasingly bizarre and unpredictable orders. Before he could cause much harm to the company, however, Kincaid discovered the commander had become insane and fallen under the spell of an evil cult. Unfortunately, Kincaid was forced to kill his boss and mentor to save the Pathfinders. After that, he took control over the organization and has led it since with wisdom and cunning. Kincaid has a strong personality, and he has been known to get into loud disagreements with the Duke. Whether in spite of this or because of it, Kincaid and Duke Caldric remain good friends and hunting partners. For all his good qualities, however, Kincaid is increasingly overwhelmed, as are his Pathfinders. They have their hands full keeping track of the many threats in and around Anderland. Added to these challenges, there have been more and more incursions by the Empire of Maldar into the Duchy of late. Kincaid would like nothing more than to retire before the inevitable conflict breaks.

Kincaid of Greenbriar

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