Jarda Stonewarden

Retired dwarven leader of the Wardens of Anderland


The most surprising thing about Jarda Stonewarden is her apparent youthfulness. Despite being more than two centuries old, she appears quite young – younger than she has any right to, according to some dwarves. She prefers to live in the wilderness in solitude, and has little time or energy to waste on fools, outsiders, or people in general.


Jarda Stonewarden (female dwarf, age 204)

Although Jarda has been in “retirement” for the past thirty years, she briefly came out of retirement to help defeat the Night Dragon during the Night of Shadows. During her lifetime, Jarda has been responsible for training more than three dozen individual Wardens. She served as High Warden for the region for more than four decades. Jarda is one of the most respected individuals alive, and she is widely regarded as a living legend. Not surprisingly, she dislikes public attention, actively avoids fame, and prefers her privacy. She spends most of her time living in her home near the edge of the Anvil Mountains, although she travels to Andersgate from time to time to meet with Duke Caldric. Many times the Wardens have attempted to lure her back to train new recruits (especially with so many slain during the Night of Shadows), but it is an exceptionally unusual recruit that receives any lessons from Jarda.

Jarda Stonewarden

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