Hagen Richter

Bloodthirsty brigand and murderer with a long and gruesome history


By last reports, Richter appears pale and unhealthy, with a pallor more commonly seen in corpses than the living. He proudly reveals a long horizontal scar along his throat – the souvenir he received from a Pathfinder bounty hunter many years ago. He has a harsh, gravely voice although there are few people alive today who can recall hearing him ever speak.


Hagen Richter (male human, age 44)

The man known more commonly as The Butcher is something of a legend in and around the Duchy. His name is mentioned to frighten small children into behaving, and it is used by bards to grab the attention of their audiences. Twenty some years ago, Hagen was an infamous brigand plaguing the roads and villages of Anderland. On the night of the Night Dragon’s attack, Richter led his brigands into Andersgate to take advantage of the chaos and confusion. In the midst of fire, destruction, and death, these cruel men looted and plundered abandoned homes and hapless refugees. Had Richter committed no other crimes, these would have been sufficient to warrant death by hanging. Unfortunately, Richter and his band of cutthroats became filled with bloodlust. Whether they were possessed, overcome by dark magic, or simply consumed by the violence of that night, the brigands began murdering and then eating their victims. They tortured and maimed several people, and killed others. By the end of the night, the brigands fled Andersgate with their stolen treasure. Although it took time, the Pathfinders and Wardens of the Duchy eventually tracked down and captured Richter. His men suffered death by hanging. Richter, however, escaped before his execution. He has remained at large ever since. Every few years, new stories arise about Richter – stories that never have a happy ending. Whether he is truly still alive or if only his legend lives on remains uncertain.

Hagen Richter

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