Gronal Ironhand

The dwarven master blacksmith for the ducal household


Donal is unusual for a dwarf for a number of reasons, not the least is his neatly trimmed beard – a beard that is almost nonexistent by dwarven standards. Donal is almost completely bald, although his face and scalp feature a large number of scars and old burns. He walks with a slight limp due to an old injury to his left leg. His right hand is actually fashioned of iron, carved to the appearance of a hand, although he typically keeps his ironhand covered by a glove (especially when working the forge).


Gronal Ironhand (male dwarf, age 108)

The dwarven master of the forge for the palace. He oversees the forges and metalsmiths in service to the crown. His crack team of blacksmiths and armorers keep the palace guard (and especially the Sentinels) well equipped. His entire family, including his wife, Galda, work for the duke. Gronal arrived in Anderland a little more than two decades ago, just in time for the Night Dragon’s attack. He lost his wife, his son, his blacksmithy, and his home in that one night. Also during that attack, Gronal lost his right hand to injury while rescuing a young apprentice warden by the name of Trista. To compensate for his limb loss, he fashioned an artificial hand of iron and has since learned to cope with his handicap. Gronal occasionally speaks of his clan that lives to the east in the settlement of Hammerfast. By the way he tells it, he suffered some sort of falling out with the Clan Lord and thus emigrated here to the town of Andersgate. After Caldric became Duke, Gronal gained employment as one of the palace smiths. His skill and talent soon gained him the position of Chief Blacksmith (this occurred a little more than a decade ago). Shortly thereafter, he convinced the goliath former gladiator, Cu, to live with him and his family in exchange for labor and assistance at the forge.

Gronal Ironhand

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