Golan Bloodstone

Goliath warrior with the Death Titans Legion


Golan’s actual physical appearance is virtually unknown outside of his comrades in the Death Titans Legion. In combat, he wears a suit of heavy plate armor and a great helm that covers much of his body. By all accounts, in combat he is as lethal as a storm of razors, and his prodigious strength (combined with a known magic weapon) allows him to cleave through almost any enemy with ease.


Golan Bloodstone, Captain of the 5th Cohort

(male goliath, age 33): One of the most celebrated and renowned members of the Death Titans, Golan is a fearsome and cunning warrior. Captured on a raid of his village when he was only 13, he quickly proved his value to the Maldarans. At the age of 16, he survived the tests and gained entry into the Death Titans legion. Since that time, he has risen through the ranks and demonstrated remarkable leadership abilities. His cohort has proven instrumental in enslaving numerous other goliath tribes over the past decade. Amongst the Titans, he is revered and considered a Chosen of the Emperor. To other goliath, however, Golan is the worst possible sort of traitor. Because of his efforts, hundreds of goliath have perished, and hundreds more have lost their freedom to become Maldaran slaves. Golan is a wealthy and powerful individual with his own keep and vassals, and his career in the Death Titans is likely to climb straight to the top. He has added to his crimes by owning his own stable of goliath gladiators – he profits from their blood and pain.

Golan Bloodstone

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